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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Blue Themed Trifold Card with Butterflies

Hi Everyone,

I actually love  using butterflies on my design and when I was asked to customise a card with butterflies, my heart went yay! But for the butterflies you see on this card, I actually cut them out from a single patterned paper from Crate Paper. It's not too difficult to find such patterned papers although the one I liked most was from Kaisercrafts, which unfortunately, could not be found anymore.

Sadness. I once went for a class just because it used the butterfly patterned paper and silly me, I thought that I would get the whole sheet again. But they cut out one piece for me only, lol! I still find the class fruitful honestly and fun, though sometimes it can get stressful..who knew.

The doily diecut in the centre was cut out using my cameo machine. I was so excited I could cut out such nice pattern without a hitch. This isn't always the case, haha. But imagine the flexibility of having the machine to cut out similar designs. My head is churning out ideas now but you'll have to wait and see if I will use this doily pattern again because the setting up, peeling the pattern from the sticky mat AND cleaning the mat is quite a pain.

Below is a snippet of how I decorated the inner layer.

Hope you like this card I have made. For custom orders, please feel free to use the order form in the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Box Card in Shades of Green

Hi Everyone,

This box card is made up of different shades of green but when combined, they work well together. While I normally don't use stickers to form the words, I did so for this card as I thought it would look nice with this. But with letter alphas of this size, you need to be very gentle and it's quite difficult in a way that you need to correctly position it or at least don't stick on them  yet because honestly, it's quite a pain to shift it around.

I learnt my lesson with this when the first letter which is the letter B, I made a booboo with it. The letter started to crease a little and I spent so much time just to make it look better, which of course, it's quite near impossible. So lesson is, don't stick on too fast and then once you are fine with the position, then apply very tiny dabs of glue so that the glue does not spread out too much. Best is to use those glue with a fine nozzle so control is much easier.

Other than that, another lesson learn is that I should have made deeper cuts at the sides of the heart so the border looks more like a heart. I've achieved this with my next box card which I will post soon.  Well, even if you're a seasoned baker, tailor or crafter, you still learn along the way. There's no such thing as I've learnt all that I can already. But from the mistakes, we learn and then hopefully, we get better you know.

Another new thing I've done is to form a layer using cut out hexagon shapes to form the background. I saw a crafter do something like this but in a larger scale using a 12X12 layout and I wanted to adapt it with this box card.

Hope you like and be inspired by this box card I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries.

Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mixed Media Artsy Birthday & Farewell Cards for Male Recipients

I know there are crafters who are pretty much into feminine designs that making a card for a male recipient will prove to be a challenging task. It's true, it can be hard but often I try to work around this   by making the card look more artistic looking and fall back on mixed media elements like painting and stencilling in with light modelling paste.

In order not to make the piece not looking too flat, I 'cheat' a little by diecutting patterns or shapes out of glittered card stock. I then place those elements strategically so that they don't overwhelm the whole layout. I also realise that a good balance of various elements help to make your layout more outstanding rather than looking drowned. You need to have a good focal point like for instance, the picture such as the picture above, or the quote below. Then you work around it. To tie everything in together, I used splatters of paint to fill up the gaps and stamping in various sizes of the same shape, in this case, a circle. I know I seldom use stamping but this one, I felt I had to..haha..💕 

Hoping you like the two pieces I did in this post. For custom orders, feel free to use the order form and I will reply to you soonest.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Thank You Card in Pastel Blue

Hi Everyone,

I don't always get to make these type of cards lately so when I get the chance, I make sure it's really nice, haha. Nowadays, I like to stick a few colours or one colour but in different shades which include choosing the right embellishments in the same colour family.

I wanted to challenge myself by digging through my older stuffs in a small container box which I don't always use nowadays and just grab whatever is suitable for this card. And I came across the gem pins where I poked through a blue paper flower as the centre piece to make it look a little bit more interesting with the sparkle. I also used an old chipboard from a pack which I've been saving for I don't know when, lol..but hey, these things are meant to be used so why not use them now.

For a pop of colour, I used the cut out from a patterned paper which have a bright red flower on it. As I wanted a shabby chic card, I used mostly the papers from Bluefern Studios. For a layered look, I added a circular wooden frame for the word 'thanks'. To finish off the card, I stamped on some random spots and added a light wash of water colour and that's it.

For custom orders, please feel free to use the order form or send me your queries from the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Customised Wedding Guest Book in Black & White Monochrome Theme

wedding guestbook in monochrome theme

This, I would say posed a little challenge initially because I was trying to figure out if I should use a black or white base for this monochrome themed wedding guestbook. But as usually, I work mostly with what I have currently and then buy other add-ons, in a way it helps me to save money too, I decided to use this white card stock with an adhesive backing. As it was not enough to cover the A3 sized sketch book, I had the remaining piece covered with silver glittered card stock for some 'zing'.

The only idea I had, and possibly the only additional thing I purchased for this guestbook, was the black lace. Initially in my mind, I wanted quite a large piece of lace but as I was going through the rows of laces, I came across this thinner lace and I thought it would look better as a divider between the white and glittered card stock as it didn't look too overwhelming.

In order not to make the glitter not too plain looking, I added 'silhouettes' which is actually die cut and punched out pieces from black paper. The only thing I had to do was to figure out the placement. In the end, I chose to decorate the top part instead of the bottom as the latter would be where people would touch the most in order to flip the cover.

The black hole in the centre is just a regular black paper meant to be where the photo would be pasted. And I just decorated the corners and added swirls cut out from black glittered card stock which I got aeons ago but only got to use it for this guestbook.

For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries using the order form or the box in the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Specially for You Explosion Box Card

Hi Everyone,

I was overseas last Saturday so this post is available just today :) This was from my past order where I designed a box card and had it in mostly red colour and pink scheme. I loved this patterned paper which had pictures of presents on it in different colours and sizes and I'm happy that with just one single paper, I can use it multiple times. I  may need to purchase another one even though I'm not running out of it yet. Sadly, there isn't any stock at the moment. I think other people may have the same idea as me lol.

As you practise something, it becomes better and better, just like this DIY paper cake box. You somehow try to avoid the same mistakes and improve on the techniques. That's how things are even for non craft related matters.As long as you hold the interest, you just keep telling yourself that you can do it.

For this cake box, I used gold trimmings which I cut to size from a 12 X 12 sized champagne glittered card stock. It's harder to glue than a regular sized patterned paper because of the backing which is quite slick. But a strong glue, and consistent pressing to 'hold' the ends together helps.

One of the techniques I often use is the layering one where for two similar pictures, like the two presents, the present behind I had it glued on the paper itself. The other one, I propped it slightly apart and had it pop up using foam tape creating a dimension, ta-da!

Sometimes I have some leftover diecuts because I sometimes cut extra pieces or from one large piece, I cut into smaller pieces and there will be one I don't use. So I will use it for another project. Just like the top panel with the camera, that small piece I had saved from a previous project. It can't fit in any corners so I put inside a small bag for later use. In this way too, when you get stumped to complete a design, you can just grab these pieces too.

The below picture is how I designed the box cover.

For order queries, feel free to send them to me via the box in the side bar. Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Light Blue Romance Themed Cards with Pink Glitter Heart Die

Hi Everyone,

One of my favourite embellishments is using wood tokens. I like how it helps to add dimension whether on its own or layered with other embellishments, specially those made from paper. The ones I like is from Prima Marketing which comes in a mini wooden crate that can be recycled. But recently there's a new brand which I can't remember at this moment (will update here soon!) and I recently bought a new pack that is actually wood frames. Kaisercrafts also have wood tokens with imprinted designs or words.

You can see how I layered the wood tokens in the picture above. For the one below, I used them on top of the paper cut outs.

Besides that, I like how I designed the box cover. I die cut the swirly thing and later the heart with light blue glittered foam. As for the background, I fussy cut the flowers from a 12X12 inches patterned paper from Simple Stories. I like this design coz the paper is black so when I cut the flowers, I left a tiny space around the edges and they looked like there's a shadow. Also I think the flower design is beautiful with its bright bold colours.

I hope you like the box cards I've done. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries in the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Thank You Cards in Various Designs & 3 Things About Me

Before I go into the explanation for the above cards, I shall do a quick 3 things about me post! Yay..

I don't know if I have done this before but I saw this being done recently by a local blog and I thought why not. I just take the first 3 questions, just some things that maybe you want to know a little about me, craft wise, hehe.

You can see the origin of this question post here

Who am I?

I work for one of the government ministries in the day but before I go to work, I work on any orders in the morning before I go to work. Occasionally, I will do some crafting at night after work but right after I chill in the front of the laptop just surfing internet.

I own an online shop called My Little Card Shop for several years on Facebook and on carousell. I use this blogging platform to write about my past creations for my clients. It's a combination of my love for designing cards and mini album and running a business.

What is my creative style?

I love using the layering techniques like the scrapbooking style. I also like shabby chic and feminine style designs. I'm not so much of a mixed  media crafter but sometimes, you can see I dabble in a bit of mixed media in my designs.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I don't craft for myself. Most of the time, it's either for my clients or a friend or two. Honestly, crafting can be time consuming for me because I can be quite particular about it especially when it's not going to be mine.

While I do use most of the things I purchase for paper crafting projects, there will usually be leftover papers that I will keep in a transparent bag. I normally purchase things related to the projects or things that can be used for several projects, mainly wood tokens and sticker sheets.

As for me, if there's a bit of crafting that I do for myself, it's only memory keeping in the form of pocket scrapbooking which I use a 6 X8 inches Simple Stories sn@p binder. I don't often take photos but if I do, I will print them out, place them inside this binder and do a very minor scrapbooking, basically to fill up the gaps in the sleeves pocket if there's any, haha.

What inspires me?

I like learning from other crafters. To me, this craft is a constant learning process just like any other hobbies or interests. There are a lot of talented crafters but the ones I admire most are those who develop their own style, rather than just copying other people's style. Just like fashion trends, there are trends in the crafting world as well which also serves as an inspiration to me.

Okay now back to regular programming.

For the cards above, I want to use different techniques such as water colouring because it has been ages since I last touched the palette. It helps to add colours to the cards as you can see. For texture, I used the embossing sleeves because I also haven't been using this for a while. For some interest and a little bit of texture, I used dry glitter which I applied using a matte based glue that when it dries, you can feel the texture of the glitter.

Some masking is also done and I went over the stencils with light modelling paste. I then ran over watercolour over them or sprinkled some dry glitter on them before coating with glue to keep the glitter in place.

I hope you like this post and thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hello Baby Girl..Welcoming You Soon Card

Hi Everyone,

This card was made for a friend of mine and it was challenging..actually I find all cards with pictures as for this card, I actually did not resize the photos during the printing process so I ended up with two full sized pictures. When I laid them on the card base, I'm like ok..I don't have much space to decorate now, haha.

But what I wanted to be on the card was the laced border. It's so feminine and pretty, I thought it will look nice for the overall aesthetics of the card. I wanted to buy a sticker pack that is baby girl related but I didn't want to spend too much on it as I wanted to keep the budget as low as possible as this type of card is not something I will make often.

So I bought a piece of patterned paper with several journalling card in a mixture of 4 X 6 and 3 X4 inches and I only have to cut out the pictures.  To make the card a little more feminine looking, coz's for a baby girl, I also fussy cut some light pink flower from a Kaiser Craft patterned paper. I also die cut a heart with a stitched border and layered it on top of a scallop edged border and give it a little dimension with a pop up sticker.

For final touches I decorated the empty spaces with light pink sequins after I have stuck on the title with the phrases cut out from my Cameo machine.

I hope you like this card I've made. Want to order a customised card from me? Simply send me your order queries on the right side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Vintage Themed Card Using Prima Marketing Papers

Hi Everyone,

Recently I did a little spring cleaning and threw quite a lot of things that I don't use anymore in order to make space for things or materials that I actually use. I realised that I used to love buying patterned papers from Prima Marketing especially their vintage collections. I still like their brand but they've been focused on mostly their mixed media things, which if you ask me, are expensive, and there are other brands that are pretty much the same thing but they're cheaper. For example, their watercolour confections, like oh my, the price.

But if you're into mixed media or painting, I think it's best to explore what is out there in shops and make a price comparison and read reviews. As for this card, I did use their patterned papers from a past collection which I found that I haven't been using lately as my order requests are mostly explosion box cards which I can't use their papers to make. I found that these are perfect to make the vintage themed card.

As for the background, I used a Tim Holtz stencil and light modelling paste to go over it so that it has this nice raised surface. Then I used water colour and brushed over the raised surface. While I stuck to mostly the same colour scheme, I added a bit of colour so that it didn't look too brown.

Actually the card looked simple but if you're working on a vintage card like the above, where the choice of colours isn't that extensive, you can add some interest like how I did the background and also adding a bit of sparkle with the line of gold glittered paper. Actually, it was from a leftover project but instead of throwing it away, why not use it for this. Simple but still effective.

I also did some water colouring over some areas like the edges to create some depth.

Hope you like this card I have made and thanks for dropping by!


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