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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mini Album as a Birthday cum Friendship Gift

This is a special post where I'm not being paid for this mini album and it included pictures of me and my friends for a the 1st quarter of the year. It was a birthday gift and honestly, it was supposed to be a  shadow box frame but let's just say I didn't have to buy the box, hehe. I had papers and I had the 6 inches hardcover so why not make album! It's also fun as I got to make these according to how I wanted it be and also because I get to include photos as well, so decorating it becomes a different process from just using photo mats, sans photos.

As the background and the pictures main colour theme is black, the embellishments are mostly in black too

The caption home sweet home depicted this picture taken at her own condo

I wanted to write the last page but didn't want to spoil with my handwriting so I used a journal card instead.
I did this within the afternoon and I am happy with the final product. I actually looked at another mini album sample in the store and I just loved how everything looked so layered and well placed together.  i tried to replicate it and it got a little hard at first because I had to stretch my creativity a bit. The end result was that it still had my own style but I get to also use some newer layering techniques as well.

I hope you liked this mini album I did and if you're keen on me making one for you, just send me your order queries from the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Shabby Chic Birthday Card

I recently purchased this sticker set which is meant for a French themed card but I loved the rest of the stickers too which honestly is quite a rare thing nowadays. I thought even if I don't get custom orders to make use of those stickers, I would use it for myself. Actually I altered a photo frame and I used some stickers from it. You can see it below and I used it to decorate my office table.

I had this doily die cut from Prima Marketing for a long time but I never get to use it because well, I don't get a chance to make such cards anymore. And now I do, yay!

The stickers were given some dimensions by layering and then I used coordinating patterned papers and cut out the elements. I picked up some tips from a recent class and you can create depth to the picture by layering similar elements together like how I did for the bottom part where I cut out the flowers and layered it on top of each other.

To give it a mixed look, I added paper flowers too at some strategic parts.

Altered frame using a journal card as the focal point and decorated it with stickers and paper flowers

Hope you like this card I made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries via the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Bundle of Joy Blue Trifold Shutter Card

I like the unique folding of the trifold card and I tend to deviate from the usual type of designing. And for this card, I used mostly a patterned paper that has journal cards with phrases and pictures that can be cut out. I learned a new technique which is cutting out the centre picture leaving the border and then I used another journal card as the main focus of the card. I propped up the frame using foam tape so it looks more 3D looking. For this one, I chose sweet bundle of joy for this baby boy themed trifold card.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Shadow Box Frame with a Thank You Note & Baby Decorations

This is my first shadow box layout and I actually thought it's not so bad for a first effort. I almost didn't take on this project mainly because I thought that it would be pretty hard. But I was shown some samples and also I saw some in the craft stores and kinda toyed with the idea of making one of my own after that. 

That opportunity presented itself though at first I was reluctant. But the beauty of doing such shadow boxes is the art of layering. You can be really creative in how you layer the elements according to theme. At the same time, depending on the shadowbox, you can pile on embellishments, and the more you pile, the better it is going to look as long as the completed layout looks balanced. This is key for any layout. The more you do, the better you are going to get too.

When I looked at the samples, there are some that can be rather expensive from the materials used. But there are those that rely on the imagination and creativity as well of the crafters, yet still achieve the expensive look. I know many of us are hoarders and we hoard different things. Crafters naturally hoard things as well like honestly, some are just too pretty to use and I can be guilty of this too. But I also feel the pinch if I don't use my current stash and keep adding on like the scrap pile will never end. So making layouts, with or without the boxed frame like below, can help you to use what you have though let's be real here, it can never be truly finished, haha.

For the layout below, though the theme is of course 'baby', since the buyer has no qualms in me using flowers based on the samples show, I used the leftover paper flowers that I have which don't fit any of my past projects. I also used leftover fabric and a banner chipboard from an old collection that are good for scrapbook layouts though I don't scrapbook. Hence why I still have it.

Due to the depth of the frame, you can stack on foam dots or stickers on top of each other and vary the levels of layering. So the overall look doesn't look too flat. Adding different textured embellishments in between also can create some depth. You can also decorate the borders of the frame for some added interest.

Hope you like this project I've done. I may be making another one for a friend. This frame is also inexpensive and measures 9X9 inches. I got it from Ikea few years ago and the latest price I've seen is  around $12.90 I think. There are also 12X12 inches but think it's currently not available here but in stores like the Papermarket. It costs more but if you just need one, I think the price point is still ok.

Thanks for dropping by!

The layout without the frame

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Pink & Unicorn Themed Mini Album

I know the cover may not look much but I got frustrated halfway because my arrangement of layout didn't seem to work out. Somehow I persevered because I told myself that I have to think back and incorporate what I've learnt from how other people do it so that I can complete the cover. They made it looked simple but who knows what goes through their mind. Then again, I mean no point you absorb and absorb but not put into practice too. 

Plus creativity does not always have to be frustrating. It's ok if it's not so perfect as long as it's aesthetically pleasing as the end result. Unless you're a perfectionist like me, lol. Anyway, I thought that the problem I had with this layout was how to design around the unicorn as the main star attraction.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Blue Birthday Themed Birthday Box Card with 3D Cake

I haven't been up to par the last couple of weeks because I haven't been feeling my best, though I still go to work and perform my daily duties like fulfilling orders and even going out on the weekend. I was unwell and luckily, I didn't get the full blown fever because that will suck even more, including my energy.

But as I always tell myself, life goes on and I'm still here, haha. I shall continue this blog and I'm excited to share with you the different projects I have done and for this one, it was done some time back. It's a blue themed explosion box card with a two tier cake.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Colourful & Pink Birthday Themed Card & Blue Shabby Chic Card

Pink and colourful cards are a joy to make because doing this type of cards kinda bring a smile to my face in the process. I feel like I just have to select those colourful pieces and well, have a trigger happy time layering and sticking them on, haha. Recently it has been quite easy to find birthday themed stickers and I used to hoard them because they were hard to find the last time. Now they even have like for boy theme and girl theme. While I'm not a fan of balloons in real life, it's the pop in your face effect I think, I like using them on cards. I actually have not used this balloon sticker for awhile coz it was too colourful but I thought for this card, it added a nice touch.

The chipboard flower, also in pink, helps to give a 3D look among the 2D stickers.

Meanwhile, this is of the opposite theme from the card above. I used mostly muted colours but in shades of blue. I kinda like this new thing I am doing which is to use an chipboard frame to overlay a picture, or in this case, to 'frame' the butterfly.

While the colours are mostly soft or muted, I added a pop of colour with the foiled doily which I cut out from a single patterned paper. 

Been so long since I did mixed media. Here I added glitter to the chipboard after applying gesso

I hope you like the two cards that I've made in contrasting colours.

Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Blue Trifold Card with Butterflies for a Birthday

I like making trifold cards but seldom do I get to make something similar from a past design. When I have to, sometimes I would be thinking, gosh how many steps did I take, like it didn't seem to end, haha. I must have taken like half a day or something. But I just like how the multiple layers make the card front pop a bit and yes sometimes, I can be quite a detail freak.

I had a spare doily from a previous project that I cut using my cameo (when it's not cranky) which was for just in case I tear the other piece, knowing how careless I am. Then came this order request and like, okay I got a use for this, I didn't cut in vain.

This is one my favourite doily designs and I am happy the blogger gave it away as a free cut file. I think one day, I will cut it out using patterned paper instead. I believe it will look just as nice. I used the paper doily as the base to layer on butterflies which I have cut out and with some flower patterns as fillers for in between the layers. I also cut out a few hexagon shapes and one tip I can give is that shapes can actually be used creatively as the background pieces for a layout.

I used mostly embellishments from Maggie Holmes collection with Crate Paper 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Explosion Box Card in Red with a Fabulous Birthday Theme & Waterfall Tabs

I've always wanted to try this explosion box design with the triangular shaped borders coz it makes my box look like a star, haha. At first I didn't like  it so much but I think after awhile, it kinda looks more complete, together with the waterfall tabs at all the four sides.

I also got a new die which is a value packed one coz it's $17.90, I think somewhere around there, and not only does it come with the phrase die you see on the box cover, it has flower and leaf die. I wanted to use the flower die as well but the waterfall construction took awhile to do, lol.

I took a shortcut and used a sticker for the centre greeting. It ties in with the colour scheme.
I didn't struggle too much making the waterfall tabs because you see, I am more of a designer than a constructor, haha. But I managed to make it without a hitch this time, I dunno..luck, I guess. Oh, and maybe practise too.

As I didn't have the full squares as I didn't fully cut out the four corners, I salvaged what I had which was the triangular shape to design the box cover. It took me awhile to figure how to make the diecut phrase pop but i managed to pull it off by propping the cut out doily instead as the background piece.

I hope you like this explosion box card that I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries via the order form.

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Special Moments Farewell Themed Mini Album

I bought this 12X12 gold polka dots acetate and it looks gorgeous when cut to size and layered with other patterned papers. It helps to add dimension because its see through so it doesn't hide the layers of papers and sticker behind. Here, I layered in on top of a flower sticker, gold doily and a paper tag. 

However I kinda pasted it down rather quickly so only two of the gold dots can be seen on the acetate..haha. Still, the diecut stars made from gold glittered paper sorta make up for the cover page design where I wanted to showcase gold a little more.


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