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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Special Moments Farewell Themed Mini Album

I bought this 12X12 gold polka dots acetate and it looks gorgeous when cut to size and layered with other patterned papers. It helps to add dimension because its see through so it doesn't hide the layers of papers and sticker behind. Here, I layered in on top of a flower sticker, gold doily and a paper tag. 

However I kinda pasted it down rather quickly so only two of the gold dots can be seen on the acetate..haha. Still, the diecut stars made from gold glittered paper sorta make up for the cover page design where I wanted to showcase gold a little more.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Series of Anniversary & Valentine's Day Boxes 2017 Part One

I have made quite a number of explosion box cards for Valentine's Day and Anniversaries this month that I practically lost count. It kept me busy while I'm also trying to cope with earlier waking up time to complete these orders before I get ready for work. Honestly it took me by surprise how many of these customised orders I received until it was really hard for me to cope because my body timing is going a little haywire ever since I started my new job posting. I know it's difficult for me to actually make these pieces when I return from work. My mind will not be in the game and I most likely will just stone. I need the time to relax like I just want to get out of the work mode at my day job because it can be overwhelming.

Okay enough about my work. I will go on describing the cards that I've made here.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Timeless Treasure Trifold Card

If you're still following my blog, thank you so much! I am a little behind as in I always post at least two per week but lately, it has been just once. I started my new work last Friday and I have to readjust everything. In terms of new working environment, working style and this is a big thing, waking up super early to do up orders before getting ready for work which is about 6.30am. Usually in the past, that would be around 7.50am because I start at 9.30am. Now it's at 8.30am and I have to get to the train by 7.50am latest (the time where I would usually shower for like the past 9 I am trying to make it even earlier than that because here in Singapore, you'll never know what the train decides to take a spontaneous break.

Anyway, for this card, I liked the quote and how apt it was as too considering this was the last photo taken at my table before I leave. I loved the lighting, at least it's better than home, but recently I have taken some photos at my new work table and it has the natural lighting since it's just beside the window. Adding photo and placing it strategically help to create a 'floating' effect to the card. It's actually recreating another card but of course, there are some elements I changed as no two cards of mine look the same.

Friday, 3 February 2017

8 Inches Travel Themed Mini Album with Colourful Pages

I seldom use bright coloured patterned papers with bold designs because they are a bit difficult to work with. But if you can stick to solid colour embellishments or decorations, and having minimal designs, these papers can stand out without being too loud.

After working on this mini album, I found out that using two patterns together, one with smaller and the other with bigger design, you give each one its own space to shine.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

A4 Sized Farewell Card for a Glowing Indian Bride

I wanted to do red for this card but I didn't want the background to be too overwhelming so I chose this light pink paper with soft floral designs and from there, I build up the embellishments. Here's where I can use red and I had cut out red flowers from this single patterned paper and then adjust the height and layering with other smaller embellishments.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Explosion Box Card for Birthday in Black , Blue & Red Colours & 3D Cake

I like using this red patterned papers with white spots on it to make a 3D paper cake because it just reminds me of red velvet. It got to stand out a little more because I used it against a dark coloured background. I also like the paper that I chose to make the explosion box card with its constellation of stars against a dark blue background. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tri Fold Card in Red & Black Theme with Heart & Glittered Stars

I like to use certain colours for certain themes but if I were to use bold colours, red is often a preferred colour especially when paired with black or gold. It is like a made in heaven combination even if the card is going to be a love themed one especially when red is used as a solid colour for the heart shape. For this trifold card, while I usually like to use a combination of colours, I had to make a specific red and black themed one so I worked along it by choosing the embellishments in the same colour group.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Friendship & Vintage Themed Explosion Box Card

Last weekend, my friends and I caught up with each other for coffee and cakes and we had fun sharing laughter and also reminiscing about the past back in the school days. Most of us are married already and have small kids so that would be quite a while ago, haha.
For this explosion box card, the theme is friendship and vintage. Carta Bella had some pretty vintage looking collection recently and I used mostly their papers to construct this box card. The combination of light brown and red helped to bring out the vintage feel.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Handmade 6 Inches Friendship & Desserts Themed Mini Album

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would take a break from posting about explosion box card and write a post about this 6 inches mini album instead. I adored this a lot and didn't quite have to think through much the placements like I'm imagining where the photos should be because it only required space for about 3 photos only. It's a friendship themed, pastel and sweet desserts all rolled into this one mini album.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sweet Box Card for 60th Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Actually what I liked most about this box card is how I actually designed the box cover. Also, I liked the colour scheme that I used for this card which is more on the soft vintage side..if there's such a thing..a collection from Bo Bunny. I am honestly bad remembering the collection names of certain releases but let's go in details with this post, shall we.


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