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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

3D Pop Up Hearts for a Pink Birthday Themed Box Card & Love Themed Box Card

This will be a post of two explosive box cards that I've made for two different occasions and colour scheme. I didn't do this pop up hearts in awhile but I thought it's a nice thing to notice first when the box lid is removed. 

I incorporated waterfall tabs on each side because there are quite a number of photos to include in a pretty limited space. 

I cut out several boxes of the patterned papers with cute phrases like the one you see above from Pink Paislee. It's a quick and easy of decorating the panels. 

I really adore this box cover. Oh notice that pink doily at the back? I cut it using a new die cut which I've been eyeing for a month. Unfortunately, I got carried away decorating it in a very short amount of time, all you can see is the top and a little of the bottom part of the scallop.

This is another box card with the pop up red hearts. This time I used mostly red, black and brown as the base colour.

Chipboard stickers can help to quickly decorate the layout while adding dimension too. Layering them on top of each other can also add dimension.

I used small alpha stickers to form the phrase travel journey

I hope you like these two box cards I've made. For custom orders please feel free to send me your order queries.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Winnie the Pooh Friendship Themed Mini Album

I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh. I watched the live action one and I enjoyed every single episode. And it's pretty nice to know that he still has fans over the years. So I did this 6 inches mini album from scratch and decorated the inside pages with pictures of Winnie. I also included a quote or two to sum up this album as a friendship themed one.

For the cover page above, I used a picture with a quote that is so apt for the theme. I kept the cover page decor pretty simple. I loved this die from Sizzix UK that looks like a flower or a mini doily and it's great for layering just like how I did with the chipboard bird and party hat.

While these two may be an odd combination, they work well together too because of the pretty pastel colours on each piece. 

I die cut hexagons and used them for layering. 

Some patterned papers come with designs that you can cut out such as this one above where I cut the clouds. The little hearts were punched out from a single press of a Martha Stewart punch.

Leftover scrapbook papers  from previous projects are perfect for photo mats. I also like using the sticker sheets from Kaisercraft because they always come with little phrase stickers like the 'favourite' I used above.

I hope you liked this mini album that I've made with the friendship cum Winnie the Pooh theme.

For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above or from the side bar.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Blue & Black Trifold Card in Airplane and Hearts Theme

I made the airplane 3D looking by sticking it on a black paper, cut the outline and use foam stickers for dimension

Earlier on, I spent quite some time clearing photos from my Facebook page to store my favourites and recent works. I used to be a little over the top using different types of materials. I don't think it is wrong to use them together, just like how I used wooden embellishments and chipboard frame like the card above. I tend to use frames nowadays because they not only add dimension but also helps to highlight the focal point such as the airplane on this card. I actually stopped buying chipboards for awhile because of the higher price point and how I don't like most of the designs. Usually they come in one big piece in small pieces that you can use separately. It goes by theme but also recurring favourites of the designers. So you can have a travel theme and then a pineapple or flamingo chipboard because it's their favourites.

If you don't mind using them together, it can actually create quite a unique looking layout. I personally don't mind using them together too if it's not myself but since I make mostly for people, I have to stick to mostly the theme. Occasionally, I can get them at a reasonable price like I got this set of chipboard sticker pack from Prima Marketing and to me it's functional because I can use it across different themes. So if you're a crafter on a budget like me or simply want to save some moolah for other craft things, make sure the sticker sheet or chipboard sticker set come in various designs that you can use on multiple projects.

Airplane is the main theme and I cut this rows of airplane design on a patterned paper from Echo Park

A trick that I found that help a trifold card to stand up like the above is to use a heavier embellishment for the bottom part as a weight. For example, the 'always be happy' that you see at the bottom panel is a chipboard that help to balance the card.

The colour scheme of mostly black and blue bring out the red coloured airplane
I hope you like this card I have made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above or from the side bar.

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Another Congratulatory Card & A light Blue Shabby Chic Birthday Card

This is a double post of two cards which I've done recently. I've decided to change to the previous card size that I used to do which is half an A4 sized because I didn't want to cut the paper to size. Plus, it gives me more room to do some creativity. Previously, I like to layer the card quite extensively but now, some subtle layering can still make the card stand out.

I've actually thrown out quite a number of things which I am no longer using or is no longer inspired. Sometimes it's not the amount of materials you layer on that matters but how you blend in the various small pieces together. Colours also play a part. At least two main colours that complement each other will add interest to the overall look of the card. For the card below, I kept the background subtle. I love this damask pattern which I think Echo Park does right in its colour scheme for its wedding collection. A mix of black, gold, grey and pink. Keep these colours in mind if you are planning to do a wedding congratulatory card like this one ;)

Damask background in grey with pops of colour in blush pink and gold

A quick way to make a card some height is to layer in the background some scrap leftovers of patterned papers and arrange them in various heights. In between the layers, I added cut out flowers, a die cut doily (which I should showcased more in this card) and some stickers from the same sticker sheet. I loved this sticker sheet which is a lovely Paris and shabby chic collection.

For the bottom flower piece, I rolled it with a pencil and then placed some glue at the two ends so it gave a 3D look. To give the card a more 3D look, I added in a single paper flower of the same colour tone.

Some die cut swirls cut using gold glittered paper completes the look of the card

Hope you like these cards I've made. Please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above or from the side bar. I will reply to you soonest.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Explosion Box Card with a Flowery Theme & Waterfall Tabs for a Mum's Birthday

I first learnt how to do the triangular borders like you see in the picture from a sample box in a local paper crafting store. I studied how to do it and then figured that this looked way easier than the hearts border, although now I use a DIY template for it. Of course with all things, it took practice for me to not just fold it neatly but to make sure the sides close in neatly when covered with the lid.

This is a heartwarming box to do because it is a birthday box for a mum and looking at the pictures, they looked really happy travelling together. I designed the waterfall tabs and since it's a flowery theme, for the second layer, I inserted journal tags that have flower designs on them.

The box cover is simply a bunch of pink paper flowers and a scallop with a touch of gold heart

I hope you like this box card that I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above or from the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Monkeying Around..A Father's Day Card

I actually didn't think that one day I would be making a Monkey themed card but well, here I am. I ever saw the patterned papers of cute animals like the monkeys but never bought them before until I had to make a customised Monkey and trees themed card. So I was quite lucky Bella Boulevard had a zoo themed collection and I bought two of their patterned papers.

I ended up not using all but one large piece which I cut out from a single paper and used it as the central piece. After that I used another patterned papers with trees pattern and cut out various designs of trees to form a collage. I've also added some cut out pictures of real monkeys for some uhm..realness.

The main colour scheme is green and used foam tape to give height to some of the trees

For the card below, it's a Christian and Sheep themed card. And I actually tried to scour the shops for a past Faith collection from Simple Stories but didn't have much luck though thankfully, I did buy their chipboard stickers prior to this so I managed to come up with something faith related.

I used a polka dot background with white base with some pops of light blue and pink

Various "faith" chipboard stickers are used as embellishments

I hope you like the two cards I've made above. For custom orders please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above this page.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Purple Glittered Heart Explosion Box Card

Purple is a nice rich colour but it's an often overlooked colour. Even when I buy papers, it's quite hard to get this colour as I previously talked about. So normally if there's purple like the one you see below, in polka dots (my fav), I get it for no reason, haha.

So it came in handy when I got asked to do this custom order of an explosion box card in purple. Although I still buy new patterned papers, I cut out pieces from the polka dot one instead of using the whole piece so that I can continue to use it for other projects.

For the purple heart in the centre, it has been awhile since I last used this diecut and I had some leftover purple glittered foam and I used the Maya Road die to cut out this love shape. It's really pretty when you open the box, and then you see this glittered heart.

The rest of the card design is kept simple and usually, if it's not going to be a detailed one, I like to use dies. You can catch sneak peeks of them when you see the pictures below.

I hope you like this purple explosion box card I've made.

Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Blue Nautical Themed Anniversary Box Card

Nautical themed anniversary box

I haven't done a nautical themed box card for quite a long while although I did keep some stickers and chipboards for future projects. I actually thought of purchasing new decorations but I can't seem to find any. It's quite weird coz this used to be quite easily found but now it's like Disney themes and princess-y themes. Sometimes honestly, the themes can be pretty generic across manufacturers.

Anyway about this project, I was lucky to have bought in the past a 12 X 12 chipboard sticker set. Not all are usable, well at least in my types of projects, but those that are make full sense in this nautical themed box.

I like to mix and match things, rather than just to stick to one element just to go with the flow with the occasion in mind. As this is for an anniversary, you can see hearts of different shapes on each side.

box cover decorated simply with a banner chipboard in nautical theme
I hope you like box card that I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Red Birthday Explosion Box Card with Waterfall Tabs

This is a box card with waterfall tabs but with one more unique feature. One of the tabs come empty but will be later written with messages for the birthday girl. It's nice to have a unique place to keep some memories from the times you spent together as a friend, like in this case, before, during and after marriage and it's evident that through the years, the friendship will just grow stronger.

So this box card is a true commemorative cum birthday gift. It adds sentimental value as you look back as you open the box, an 'explosion' of past memories that you treasure for the rest of your life.

red and black is always a good and strong colour combination to have

'make a wish' cut out from a patterned paper

the pictures slide out as you pull the tab

Cake box in red, the favourite colour of the birthday girl

Hope you like this card I have made. For order queries, feel free to click on the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Pink Birthday Themed Trifold Card

Hey, I'm back! Sorry for the long absence. I've been overseas and actually, I made this card in the morning, just before I was about to pack my things for my travel.

This is a sweet birthday card in mostly pink colours and I had the perfect journal card from a birthday girl line, I think from Echo Park, and I had cut out the picture of the stack of presents. To balance out, I randomly went through my stickers collections for birthday related things but I found these two gem chipboard stickers.

At first I was thinking how they were going to fit into the theme. However, due to lack of time (coz need to get ready asap), I just tried to incorporate the two together behind the main picture. Not only did they help to balance out the trifold card when it was standing, I thought they added a nice touch to the cover as well.

The inside layout of the trifold card. 

The cover page when the card is laid flat

I hope you like this pink trifold card I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to click on the link above this page.

Thanks for dropping by!


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